May 3, 2010

Stereophonics Live in KL Concert

28th April came and went just like any other day for most people in KL. I say most because for a select few who attended the Stereophonics concert in KL Live, it was a night to be remembered with Kelly Jones “whiskey vocals” still ringing in their ears !!

The gates was suppose to open at 7:30 pm so I decided to have an early dinner before heading to KL Live for the concert. Met up with Christopher around 7 pm to collect my free tickets for the concert. Thanks once again for the awesome chance to catch Stereophonics perform live !!

The queue

The queue

Queue at the bottom of the escalator

Queue at the bottom of the escalator

The queue started to move just about then and I joined the crowd as we made our way up the stairs heading to the main entrance to the hall. This is where the waiting game started. 7:30 came and went and still no sign of them opening the doors. Finally around 8pm the doors opened and we slowly made our way in the hall. Thank god the aircond was on at full blast because everyone was very hot, sweaty and steamy for all that waiting.

We made our way to the front of the stage and were about 4-5 row of people from the baricade which is not too bad at all. The deejay started playing a mix of songs while all of us wait patiently for the band to get on stage. Finally at almost 9pm the band appeared on stage and started the show with Live ‘n’ Love, awesome start to an awesome show.

Stereophonics finally on stage

Stereophonics finally on stage

Stereophonics kept the crowd on their feet and there wasn’t a moment of silence as they sang hits after hits such as Bright Red Star, Could you be the one, Maybe Tomorrow, Have a Nice Day Innocent, Maybe Tomorrow, Have a Nice Day to name a few. They even sang Superman and it was awesome listening to it live !!



The crowd even sang Happy Birthday to Tony Kirkham of Stereophonics !! I’m sure that would be one birthday wish he wouldn’t be forgetting anytime soon 🙂

They bid farewell and went of stage and I was utterly dissapointed. I mean how can they get off stage without playing Dakota right ? Well like any other concert there’s always and encore and they came back on stage after much screaming from the fans and finished off the night with Dakota. They definitely saved the best for last even after 23 songs later Kelly Jones still sounded perfect as he closed the set.



I left the hall feeling tired, thirsty, a little deaf and a coarse voice. Was it all worth it ? Hell yeah and it was one awesome show from Stereophonics. They definitely didn’t dissapoint their fans !! Here’s some vids I shot though not the best recording ever but it gives you a feel of what you had missed. Have a nice day 😉

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