May 14, 2010

Android – The need to root

Thanks to the widespread usage of iPhone devices the term jailbreak has been very closely associated with installing unauthorised software onto the devices. Unlike the iPhone, android devices doesn’t have iTunes to control every thing that you install onto your device. So what’s the point of rooting an android device then ?

Simply put rooting the devices gives you the ability to customise your device to your liking, to the extent of cooking and compiling your own ROM. One of the biggest gain you’ll see from rooting your phone is speed. There are loads of custom roms available and one of the popular ones is CyanogenMOD ROM. Users have reported significant increase in responsiveness using the custom rom. Plus you have the ability to install apps to the SD card and save precious memory on the device.

One other feature you get by rooting is the ability share your internet connection with other devices via wifi or bluetooth. I find this extremely useful when me and a few colleagues are stranded at a client’s office without internet. Just enable the application and you’re set to go. Be warned though you better have your charger ready because this apps sucks battery like no business.

To make things easier rooting the Tattoo can be done with just a single click !! Yes, I kid you not with just a click of a button you can root the Tattoo but obviously you better do a backup first before doing anything with the device.

Here are some resources for the HTC that I’ve gathered

How To: Root the HTC Tattoo –

How To: Load a Custom ROM on the HTC Tattoo –

How To: Unroot the HTC Tattoo –

How To Backup/Restore Your Android Phone

As long as you need access to the rom to modify the device the way you want it than root is the way to go. Backup backup backup before anything and if you ever accidently screw up anything just restore it to it’s former glory. I’ve rooted my Tattoo and enjoy apps that need root access. Next step to find a good custom rom worthy of a change on the Tattoo

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  1. […] MoDaCo-ing the HTC Tattoo I finally gave in to my curiosity and decided to run a custom ROM my HTC Tattoo. The phone is running low on memory and I constantly get notifications and it bugs the living daylights out of me. Plus the phone seems to be lagging quite a bit recently especially when I’m typing text messages or emails. Believe it or not I have to wait for the device to catch up with my typing, it’s not like I type super fast, it’s just the Tattoo is already overloaded thanks to my need to try out the many available software out on the Market. Oh yes you can now get Market on the Tattoo by rooting the phone, no custom rom needed just root and voila thousands of apps at your fingertips. I’ve listed out some important resources needed to root the Tattoo here. […]

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