May 22, 2010

Showdown – Yellow man vs Blue bear

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I’ve been relying on Digi for my mobile Internet needs for a while now and so far the service has been reliable. I’m able to access the web in almost all places in Klang Valley at respectable speeds, good enough for my needs anyway. The only thing I would wish for from Digi is for them to increase their Turbo 3G service cause whenever I drop down to EDGE, it really feels like I dropped out of warp speed.

An irresistable offer popped up recently to switch my secondary line to Celcom and I grabbed it curious to see how things are with the blue bear as I’ve never used Celcom service before. I’ve only managed to use it for a day and I must say I’m pretty impressed with the speed.

I’m currently up North in Bachok, Kelantan and had already set my expectations on Internet availability quite low. I was surprised when I checked my phone and saw the 3G logo appear. Yay the yellow managed to follow me all the way here. Tried accessing Twitter and didn’t notice any difference until of course I wanted to share the beautiful view of the beach with my fellow twitterers.

It took me numerous tries and almost 10-15 mins to just upload one picture. Tried uploading to Facebook and that was an even worst experience. After 1/2 hour of trying I gave up, that’s when I gave up and decided to enjoy my little break instead. It then dawned upon me to switch to Celcom and see how they fare against Digi. I manage to upload my picture within the first try !!! Woots I’m a happy camper and I went on an upload frenzy and the envy of those still stuck behind the desk on a Friday afternoon 🙂

Decided to do a speedtest and here are the results.

Blue bear

Blue bear

Yellow man

Yellow man

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