July 9, 2010

doubleTwist the iTunes alternative

I know a few people who are reluctant to get an Android powered smartphone for the mere fact that it doesn’t have a proper application to maintain,manage and sync their music to the mobile phone. There are also some who are so in love with iTunes and already have ton of playlists setup and rather not go through the hassle of moving to another media manager. Presenting doubleTwist the answer to all your woes !!

doubleTwist is an iTunes alternative that works with multiple portable devices including Android, Blackberry, Palm Pre, and Windows Mobile Phones as well as several handheld game consoles, portable media players, and even the Amazon Kindle. A full list of supported devices can be found here. doubleTwist also allows you to automatically import playlists from iTunes or Windows Media Player.

What’s best about doubleTwist is it’s free and works on both Windows and the Mac. Now syncing music,pictures and videos onto the Android is just a click away 😀

Okay, enough of the intro let’s get down to work.

  1. Download and install doubleTwist. Here’s the link
  2. doubleTwist setup
    doubleTwist setup
  3. After installing doubleTwist you can import your existing media and playlist from iTunes and Windows Media Player. To do so go to Edit, Preferences. This could take a while depending on how big your library is.

    Import media and playlist

    Import media and playlist

  4. Once that is done you should have your playlists and media files imported into doubleTwist.

    Imported playlists

    Imported playlists

  5. To sync your phone with doubleTwist make sure to connect in Mass Storage mode or else it won’t work.

    Connect in mass storage mode

    Connect in mass storage mode

  6. You’ll see your device connected to doubleTwist with a variety of syncing options

    Syn options

    Syn options

  7. From this point onwards you can choose how you want to sync your device with doubleTwist just like iTunes. You can select to sync pictures, music, videos and even podcasts. Once you’ve setup what you want to sync just click the button on the bottom right to sync the device. It’s that simple !! Try it out and turn your Android phones into a portable multimedia device 😀

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