July 16, 2010

Google D3vF3st – Updated

What a hectic week it has been. First it was Open Web Asia on Tuesday and Wednesday and today am in TPM (Technology Park Malaysia) for Google D3vF3st.

The session started in the morning with Christine Songco (@tine) and Nazrul Kamaruddin (@nazroll) being our emcees for the day.

@tine and @nazroll up on stage

@tine and @nazroll up on stage

First up was Daniels Lee presenting about Google Maps and it’s API’s. He did a short demo on how to create a map with markers, how to add a venue and even get the current position. Here’s a brief summary of what was covered by Daniels.

  • Map Controls (Default UI, Position Custom Controls, etc)
  • Overlays (Markers, Icon, Polylines, Ploygons, Custom Overlays, etc)
  • Map Events (MVC properties with event handlers, UI events, etc)
  • Map Services (Directions, Elevation, Geocoding, Street View, etc)

Apart from briefly explaining the new features of Google Maps API V3, Daniels also shared an app developed by him called Where is Coffee. It’s a simple app that allows users to add location of interesting food venues on the map which has custom markers. The source code for the app is available here

The best news of the morning came when Daniels mentioned that Google Maps API V3 no longer requires the need for an API key. It definitely makes  it easier for people who wants to start off with Google Maps. There was also a brief intro to the Places API which is currently under Beta.

Here are some interesting resources on Google Maps API V3

Daniels Lee

Daniels Lee

Patrick Chanezon was up next to do a short demo on HTML5 which is basically HTML + CSS + JS API’s. Really interesting to see the possibilities of HTML5. I’ve taken a short video on the demo and will be posting it up soon when I get proper internet connection.

Patrick Chanezon

Patrick Chanezon

A brief summary of HTML 5

  • HTML5 (HTML + CSS + JS APIs)
  • New selectors
  • Web storage, Web SQL database
  • Application cache API
  • Web workers,Web sockets
  • Notifications
  • Drag and Drop
  • Geolocation
  • Audio/Video,Canvas,Canvas 3D,SVG
  • New font support
  • HTML 5 effects (text stroke,opacity,hue/saturation/luminance,rounded corners, gradients,shadows etc)

Apart from that, support for HTML 5 on other browsers such as IE can be done using Google Chrome Frame.

Some really interesting links to check out

Next up on stage was Timothy Jordan and Bob Aman to talk about Google Buzz. They were really hyped up about being on stage and to get the crowd as hyped they started doing cartwheels on stage !! SERIOUSLY !!

The Buzz team

The Buzz team

The session was mainly about the Google Buzz API and Open Standards and how Buzz utilises them all. I’ve never even heard of some of them until that day

Google Buzz

Google Buzz

They went on showing some really cool apps that utilises some of the Buzz API’s. One of them was Boxee, which allows you to share things on the Buzz stream. Another interesting app was Buzz Bingo, a bingo like game with loads of buzz words that participants will check during Google events and shout bingo when they get all the correct words. Interesting way to ensure the participants pay attention to the presentations 🙂

Here’s some links from the session

Patrick Chanezon was back up on stage to talk about Cloud Computing. It’s interesting to see how Google has build an ecosystem for cloud computing and providing services such as Google Apps Marketplace, Google Apps for Business and Google App Engine for Business. Google Apps Marketplace allows you to build apps and start selling them online. What’s interesting to note is Apps Marketplace utilises OpenID instead of OAuth. Sadly, I missed most of the session because I had to attend to some office matters.

The presentation slides for the session – Cloud Computing

Nazroll also invited some developers/companies to do short presentation on their product/solution.

  1. Gooey.me – Online photo editor
  2. D3vF3st Countdown Timer – Chrome Extension
  3. Undies: What you wearing today ? – Teratotech
  4. MyGOSSCON 2010 – 36 hours Web Development contest with RM 10k prize money
  5. OpenData – The call for making data available to the public

Next up was a general Q&A session and there were a lot of questions regarding the Android Marketplace and it’s availability locally. Apart from that there’s also a rumour of an unofficial Android D3vF3st happening on the 14th of August.

Q&A session

Once that was over there was a competition for building an app that utilises Google Maps or Google Buzz or both together. Thanks to that session I had a better understanding of Google Maps and how to use it 🙂 Sadly no one won the Android robot plushie. A prize for the next event definitely 😀

Nazrul with the exclusive prizes to be given away

Nazrul with some of the exclusive prizes to be given away

With that folks, comes the end of Google D3vF3st 2010. Definitely learned a lot from all of them and hopefully they make another trip here soon !! 😀 Kudos to Nazrul and team for organising the event and making sure everything ran as smooth as possible. Will definitely sign up for the next one. Do let me know if I missed anything or if there’s a mistake that needs to be corrected. Thanks to all those that posted updates and links on Twitter #devfest, for without that this post would not have been possible 🙂

Also do visit Ashish Sharma blogpost on Google D3vF3st, thanks for refreshing my memory after the long weekend 🙂


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  1. awesome post!
    fancy meeting you there. 😉

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