July 30, 2010

Impossible Level Game

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Do you love Sodoku ? Scrabble ? IQ tests ? If you’re like me and love working out mental abilities then this is a game you MUST try. Impossible Level Game takes an element of each of the games mentioned added with a bit of attitude.

The light version gives you 14 levels of play and let me tell you you’ll be gritting your teeth in frustration by level 7 😀 The objective of the game couldn’t be simpler; resolve the riddle and move on to the next level.

Taking into consideration the usage of the touchscreen and our own instinctual tendencies, Impossible Level Game mashes them well in most of the levels causing you to curse quietly under your breath as you try to figure it out.

Don’t expect much from the “retro” graphics as the appeal of the game lies within the riddles and not it’s interface. If you’re done with the demo and want more riddles to rack your brain then get the full version as it comes with 30 levels to keep you occupied. Yes I’ve finished all the levels and now I get joy by giving it to other people to solve the riddles and look at their expressions as they try to figure it out 😀

Without revealing too much of the game away, here are some screenshots to give you an idea of what to expect !!

Level 8

Level 8

Level 12

Level 12

Level 14

Level 14

Don’t forget to check out their Facebook page for more details and hints or drop me a line for hints 😉

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