August 4, 2010

Finally Facebook for Android updated

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The one thing that I’ve envied the iPhone users for was the Facebook client. Yes there is one for the Android but then it was sucky to say the least. It provided very basic functionality and everything else was linked to the mobile Facebook website. This is no longer the case, finally the Facebook app for the Android receives the attention, love and update it needs.

Redesigned interface

The new version has new features that makes accessing Facebook much easier ie Events, friend requests and even video playback. Upon launching the app you’re greeted with a new layout with a stream of thumbnail photos that sit at the bottom of the screen; which shows your friend’s recent shared photo,video or photo album. This feature is exclusive to the Android, well at least for now 🙂

Here’s the full list of feature changes:

An updated homescreen with:

  • The ability to post a status update or search for friends with just one click
  • A new photo reel that enables easy viewing of photos and videos from friends in your News Feed
  • A draggable Notifications drawer where you can easily see if a friend posted a note on your wall, commented or liked a post or tagged you in a photo
  • Video playback from the app. Similar to the Facebook for iPhone application, we are using the H.264 baseline profile for encoding videos
  • Support for Events. You can now review your upcoming events, read your event details, and even RSVP – all from the application
  • Respond to friend requests without leaving the application
Contact integration

Contact integration

Another new feature that I’ve noticed is the ability to sync your Facebook contacts with your Contacts in the phone. HTC has already included their very own Facebook app that integrates with the contacts, I’m guessing the Facebook one doesn’t integrate with the rest of HTC exclusive apps such as FriendStream. Will have to try it out later, in the mean time head to the Market and download the latest Facebook app NOW !!!

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