August 25, 2010

Twicca an awesome twitter client

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Being addicted to twitter has had me go through most of the major twitter apps for the Android. I’ve tried the official Twitter app, Twitdroid, Seesmic, Touiteur and last but not least Twicca. The quest for a fast, light and full of features Twitter client ended when I installed Twicca. To sweeten the deal even further its FREE though still in beta.

The first thing you notice after launching Twicca is it’s minimalistic interface. You get your stream with all the necessary information without too much clutter on the screen maximising the available area on the screen. There isn’t much themes or color settings to be configured but the carbon black finish gives it a really nice classy finish.

When I say it’s packed of features I mean it really has a lot of features and for a free product that is still under beta I’m really impressed. One thing that is still missing is the support for multiple accounts but if you only have one like it then it wouldn’t be a big deal at all. Creating, viewing and managing lists is easy , trending topics can be viewed by different spans of time and you get full retweet support showing not only who’s retweeting stuff in your timeline, but who you’ve retweeted and what tweets of yours have been retweeted, as well.

Here are some of the features available

  • Notification
  • Auto pager
  • Search
  • Post with photo/video upload
  • Shorten URL
  • Geo tagging
  • Saved searches
  • Recent hashtags
  • Reply history
  • Lists
  • Retweet
  • Color label
  • Managing twitter profile
  • Trending topics
  • Local trends
  • Extending function by plug-in
  • Widget
  • Uploading profile icon
  • Report for spam
  • Block user
  • Image Preview
  • Geotagging with map preview

Twicca settings

Twicca settings

The ability to color code tweets between different people is also a really cool feature. At least you know which tweets that you really want to pay attention to while scrolling through your timeline. Twicca also allows you to expand a shortened url before opening it, makes it easier to spot spam. Viewing an image attach to a tweet opens within the app itself and you even have the option to rotate the pic. Comes in handy for those who have uploaded the pic without checking the orientation first.

So far Twicca has been the longest Twitter client I’ve been using and there’s been quite a few updates over the months and with each updates there’s significant improvements. If you still haven’t found a Twitter client you like, give Twicca a go and even if you have a favourite app at the moment there’s no harm trying Twicca out to see how it compares, after all it’s FREE, fast and very configurable !!

Twicca timeline

Twicca timeline

Image preview

Image preview

Reply options

Reply options

Twicca compose

Twicca compose

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