October 22, 2010

Visiting Bidong Island


Bidong Island

Bidong Island

I’ve never heard of  Bidong Island before and unless you’re a diver, most likely you might have not heard of it as well. I recently got invited to a friend’s wedding reception in Terengganu and plans were made for some of them to go for a dive in Bidong Island. Not knowing much about it left me curious and I decided to do a search on it.

Bidong Island served as a transit point for Vietnamese refugees during the Vietnam war during the 70’s. Bidong at that time only had the capacity to accommodate for 4,500 refugees, however during the peak season the island sheltered almost 40,000 people. Long houses, schools, workshops, post office, church,temple, tailors, hair salons, bakery, noodle shops, sundry shops were among the basic things built to ensure a better living condition. The locals even named the beach as Pantai China-China Beach, the famous counterpart in Vietnam hence why Bidong is also known as Little Saigon.

View of the newly rebuilt jetty

View of the newly rebuilt jetty

Bidong was a temporary home for many of the refugees before they were resettled. Time taken for the resettlement process varied for each individual; some a few months while others a few years. UNHCR organised vocational training, languages classes, kindergarten etc for the refugees to prepare them to face the challenges in life when they are resettled in other countries.



Samsung Galaxy Tab

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Galaxy Tab

Galaxy Tab

Finally the highly anticipated 7″ Samsung Galaxy Tab has been officially launched yesterday and the good news is Maxis will be the first Telco to sell the device.

The tablet will be powered by Android 2.2 (Froyo) OS and has a sim slot allowing owners to make voice calls and send text messages. Pretty sure most people will be pairing it with a bluetooth headset or a handsfree kit to make calls; unless you like holding a 7″ device against your face.

The Tab comes with a 3MP camera with autofocus and LED and is also equipped with a front facing camera for 3G video calls. The letdown with the Tab is the screen is a capacitive TFT display (1024×600) unlike it’s smaller brethren the Galaxy S that uses a Super AMOLED display.

The Tab comes with all the goodies you would expect out of an Android powered device such as support for Adobe Flash 10.1, Google Mail, Google Maps and other Google services.

The tablet comes with 16GB and supports up to 32GB via its external memory slot. Powered by the Cortex A8 1.0 Ghz processor you’ll be happy to note that it has enough processing power for even the most demanding users.

Now to wait and see what applications are going to emerge to take full use of the extra real estate of the 7″ tablet.

Based on news from people who attended the launch yesterday, The Samsung Galaxy Tab is retailed at RM 2,699. Users can also sign up for a 12 or 24 month contract with Maxis for RM 1,849 and RM 1,749 respectively.

October 1, 2010

The Premiere Screening of “Enthiran” by TGV Cinemas

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For the first time ever I attended a Tamil movie premiere and it was none other than the highly anticipated Enthiran – “Robot”. Thanks to Kenny Wong and TGV Cinemas for making it possible.

Enthiran premiere

Enthiran premiere

If you don’t already know by know Superstar Rajinikanth is starring in the movie as a science professor and an android robot, along side Aishwarya Rai; former Miss World. The film took two years to complete and is known to be the most expensive Asian film ever made. Directed by S. Shakar and accompanied by the highly talented A. R. Rahman who was responsible for composing the music. With the help of Industrial Light & Magic on the visuals and special effects, I couldn’t wait to see it all on the big screen.

Without giving too much away about the movie here what is basically is about. The story revolves around a scientist’s struggle to complete and control his creation, an android robot which was later upgraded to comprehend and generate human emotions. From that point onwards starts the battle between creation and creator as the robot falls in love with the scientist’s love interest.

I was truly amused and amazed with the cinematography as well as the choreography throughout the movie. Gone were the usual rolling down the hill during fighting scenes, hiding behind tress while dancing and singing. One of the songs was shot in Machu Pichu, Peru and Brazil and throughout the music you can’t help but be amazed by the scenery which was beautifully captured in this video. Another thing that slightly irked me was the translation of the lyrics on the songs. Somethings maybe aren’t meant to be translated, especially literally 😀

The movie also has lots of humour and I was laughing away at most of the jokes. Did I mention how stunning Aishwarya Rai is in this movie ? Can’t help but get mesmerized by her especially during the music scenes where there were lots of different costumes depending on the location.


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