January 28, 2011

Energizer Night Strike 2010 @ Xtion Paintball Park, Bukit Jalil

Energizer Night Strike

Energizer Night Strike

Event: Energizer Night Strike 2011. Night paintball tournament.
Time: Friday, January 21 at 8:00pm – January 23 at 12:00pm
Location: Xtion Paintball Park, Bukit Jalil

After going for the recent Laser Tag outing in Mid Valley, I was rather curious as to how an actual paint ball game is. Despite hearing horror stories of all the blue blacks and injuries sustained during a game, curiosity got the better of me and I decided to see what it was all about; plus this was at night !! It would be interesting to see how a night paint ball event would take place especially when it’s so dark.

Recently Energizer held the first ever night and ultraviolet (UV) light paintball tournament in Asia Pacific by the Painball Asia League Series (PALS). Unlike any other night paintball games, the Energizer Night Strike features 7-minute ‘speedball’ rounds incorporating a ‘capture the base’ scenario, played completely in the dark with only ultraviolet (UV) lighting and glow-in-the-dark paintballs to complement Energizer’s new Energy Beam image.


A customised arena with real-life props was constructed especially for the first Energizer Night Strike, transforming the darkened landscape into a surreal, neon environment.

A customised arena with real-life props was constructed especially for the first Energizer Night Strike, transforming the darkened landscape into a surreal, neon environment.


A customised arena with real-life props was constructed especially for the first Energizer Night Strike, transforming the darkened landscape into a surreal, neon environment.

View at night

The total prize for the tournament amounts to RM 35,000 with the main prize winner going home with RM 20,000. Yes, you read that right RM 20,000 goes out to the winning team. With that in mind you can be sure a lot of teams took place and most of them were considered professionals and well recognised in the arena for their skills and tactics.



January 27, 2011

Get your Groove(Shark) on

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Have you had sudden urges to listen to a song ? It plays in your head and you’re desperate to listen to it but after going through your music collection you don’t have it! Now with Grooveshark you can have more music than you can ever imagine right on your browser.

Grooveshark doesn’t only offer free music but it does so in great style. It utilises the latest in Web 2.0 and with that the social phenomena kicks in here as well and you can Discover, recommend, share, and download music without restrictions.  The sleek interface will definitely leave an impression and the intuitive experience will leave you wanting even more.

Just head over to the Grooveshark website and you’re presented with a search screen, immediately allowing you to search for any song, check out popular songs and play them for free. The best part you don’t even need to sign up or click multiple link before it starts playing and you get to hear the whole song and not just a preview of  it. Currently Grooveshark streams about 50 to 60 million songs per month.

Main page

Main page

Despite being able to use Grooveshark without registering, there still are more groovy features for those that do sign up and even more so if you decide to pay for the VIP account. Note that Grooveshark is a web app and requires a constant internet connection to function.

Grooveshark radio features a recommendation engine. This recommendation system finds similar songs to those in your playlist and queues them to the playlist. Grooveshark makes it easier for users to share songs by clicking a heart icon, which adds the song to your list of favorites. Not only do the suggestions get better as you go, but you never have to sit through music you don’t like.

Popular music

Popular music

You can easily share music with other users by directly linking songs to other users or by posting links to other social networks. The user interface is slick and intuitive. You can quickly search for song(s) of your choice and add them to your playlist. All the songs being queued appear at the bottom section of the website, so that you can quickly switch between them based on interest. Users can sort the search results (songs) by artist, album, name and relevance. You can also check out the popular songs of the day and month along with the recently played songs.

Groveshark provides two subscription tiers, Grooveshark Plus and Grooveshark Anywhere. They cost USD 6 and USD 9 a month, respectively, and come with different perks. If you’re a Grooveshark Plus subscriber, you won’t see any ads on Grooveshark, have access to a variety of custom site skins, and will be able to use the Grooveshark Desktop application. If you’re an Anywhere member, you get all of the Plus features AND you can take Grooveshark with you on your supported mobile device.

What do paid subscribers get for their contribution?

  • No advertisements, ever, on Grooveshark and affiliated sites.
  • Customizable features, such as access to a wider variety of site skins.
  • Access to the Grooveshark Desktop Application (which is being revamped!)
  • Priority e-mail support from our friendly community support team!
  • Sneak Peaks of our latest developments on Grooveshark Preview
  • Unlimited space in your library and favorites lists.
  • Last.fm Scrobbling

So what are you waiting for ? Point your browsers to http://www.groveshark.com and let’s start Grooving.

January 21, 2011

Laser Tag Outing with Advertlets

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After much persuasion I’ve finally got my very own .com Please do update your bookmarks to my new blog


Galactic Laser

Galactic Laser

Video taken by Advertlets

I’ve only heard friends talk about the new laser tag place in Mid Valley but I never had the chance to go experience it yet. So when the opportunity came to join Advertlets outing at Galactic Laser I immediately said YES ! Imagine 20-30 odd people running around trying to shoot each other. What mayhem and I absolutely wanted to be apart of it.

Registration counter

Registration counter

So what is laser tag all about ? Don’t worry no real lasers are used in the game, it uses an infra-red LED. It’s a team or individual sport  where players attempt to score points by engaging targets, typically with a hand-held infrared-emitting targeting device. Infrared-sensitive targets are commonly worn by each player and are sometimes integrated within the arena in which the game is played. It’s something like paintball minus the pain and paint.


Dropbox Dropquest – Free 1GB

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Many people have been actively using Dropbox and constantly on the lookout for ways to increase their space. The Dropbox Dropquest which is an online scavenger hunt gives you 1GB FREE when you complete the quest.

The quest began on January 15th and will last for two weeks, so quickly get hunting and get that extra 1GB for your dropbox. It’s going to be a series of puzzles to test your wit and patience.

For more info and support you can head over to the official Dropquest forum

If you ever get frustrated and feel like giving up, don’t worry you’re not the only one. If you still want to get that 1GB and are not ashamed of cheating, check out the walkthrough.

If you don’t have a Dropbox account and feel like registering for one, you can sign up here and help me grow my Dropbox at the same time.

Have a good hunt 🙂


Samsung Wave s8500

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Samsung has been gathering a lot of interest lately especially with their Android powered Samsung Galaxy S and Samsung Galaxy Tab. Samsung has been working on their own OS for sometime now and bada-bing bada-boom, the first Bada powered phone from Samsung, the Wave s8500. So what is Bada all about ? The word “bada” means ocean in Korean. In a nutshell the Bada platform will be a cheaper alternative to the already existing smartphone platforms. Bada will turn Samsung’s conventional customers into smartphone users by providing cost-effective smartphones. This means that bada will open and extend a new smartphone market, which does not exist in the current mobile market.

Samsung Wavev

Samsung Wave

I’ve heard about the Wave  and Bada but had no hands on experience and jumped on the opportunity to review one when a friend asked. The first two things to note about the Samsung Wave are obvious: the build quality and the screen just screams at you with style. The phone is very slim at less than 11mm thick and the metallic build quality is apparent the second you hold it in your hand.


January 14, 2011

Tinyshark the Grooveshark alternative

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After much persuasion I’ve finally got my very own .com Please do update your bookmarks to my new blog


If you have a Grooveshark account and are dying to carry your favourite songs/playlist while on the go it’s gonna cost you; USD 9 per month to be exact. Now that equates to USD 108 per year. That’s quite a bit of money especially when your currency is weaker than the USD like in Malaysia.

So what does one do when desperate for some on the go music ? Look for an alternative FREE client that uses the Grooveshark service. Presenting Tinyshark. This application has a much smaller footprint compared to Grooveshark and loads faster too. It only has limited features but the most impressive one is the ability to import your existing playlist and play them. It doesn’t have support for offline songs though and no way to see the current popular songs but for those that have organised their songs into playlists this is definitely a good way to listen to them.

I’m definitely loving it and it works over my 3G connection. Thank god I have unlimited data.


– Search the Grooveshark database
– Import Grooveshark playlists
– Play individual songs or an entire playlist

NOTE: Running in the background requires Flash to keep running and WILL lag.



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