February 14, 2011

Whatsapp for Android now with group chat

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Heard rave remarks about Whatsapp new group chat from fellow iPhone and Blackberry users and now it’s finally available on the Android as well.

If you have not heard of or used Whatsapp before or even a new smartphone user, this is one app that you won’t want to miss. For many Blackberry users, the only thing keeping them glued to their phones is Blackberry Messenger (BBM). Unlike the BBM, Whatsapp Messenger is a cross platform that supports iPhone,Android,Blackberry and even Nokia (S60).



Whatsapp allows you to IM all your friends, no matter which phone they are using and not only do you get to chat with each other but you’re able to share files and multimedia contents as well. One feature that was missing from Whatsapp before this was group chat and with the latest update, Android users can join in as well.

Collaboration with your friends or even work mates could never be any easier. Sharing pictures, locations, videos are just a few clicks away. The best part ? It’s still under beta for the Android platform and despite still being under beta, it’s been rock solid and didn’t cause my phone to freeze or reboot. It’s currently FREE for the Android. It only costs USD 1.99 a year anyway, yes yes it’s cheaper on the iPhone but at least we’re enjoying it for free now !! 🙂

Download it now !!

Recent changes :

Version 2.6.1485 –
Fix: critical notification bug when sending messages from android to iphone;
crash during image preview

Version 2.6.1475 –
New: Group Chat, Load Earlier Messages
Improve: SMS and Voice number verification; contact thumbnail loading speed; ringtone play time (now 10s was 15s); general user interface menus, buttons, notifications, confirmations and dialogs; media upload / download reliability
Fix: scroll position during portrait / landscape switch, LG silent ringtone
now works

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