February 16, 2011

Deftones rocked Kuala Lumpur

Deftones Live in Kuala Lumpur

Deftones Live in Kuala Lumpur

Do you remember what you did on Valentine’s Day ? For the thousands of Deftones fans that skipped the whole Valentine’s dinner and instead rocked the night away at KL Live had an incredidble night that will not be forgotten any time soon.

First off I got to confess, I’m not a very big Deftones fan and probably have only heard 2-3 songs that I liked or at least found enjoyable to listen to. Yes you all can start booing now, I’ve somehow managed to miss the whole Deftones phase while growing up. I did manage to speak to a few fans though while waiting for the concert to start and let me tell you; they were stoked !!

Some of them practically grew up listening to Deftones and have waited alm0st 15 years to watch them perform live ! Imagine that, waiting for so long to watch your favourite band on stage, singing the songs you grew up to. Heck, even I was feeling excited despite not being a hard-core fan.

The concert dubbed as the Twisted Valentine had several local celebrities walk down the black carpet. I even spotted One Buck Short, Reza Salleh and Liyana Fizi walking down the carpet.

One Buck Short

One Buck Short

It’s amazing to see people actually lining up and running into the pit just to be right in front where all the action is. These people are either really hard core fans or just plain crazy I tell you. I guess that’s the whole fun of being in the pit in the first place right ? 🙂


The very brave people

The very brave people

Love Me Butch did a fantastic job in getting the crowd all pumped up and ready in anticipation. Even Syarul Reza the lead singer of Love Me Butch, couldn’t contain his excitement as he mentioned on stage how happy he is after meeting Cino for the very first time backstage.

Finally after some sound test it was time for Deftones to do what they do best; rock it LIVE !! The got on stage and without any words being exchanged, started off their MASSIVE set. I say massive because they played 24 songs !! Yes read it and weep; 24 heart thumping,head banging, mosh pitting awesome songs !! Did I say 24 ? With the encore it’s 26 !

Set list : Birthmark | Engine No. 9 | Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away) | My Own Summer (Shove It) | Lhabia | Around the Fur | Digital Bath | Knife Prty | Hexagram | Minerva | Bloody Cape | Diamond Eyes | CMND/CTRL | Royal | Sextape | Rocket Skates | You’ve Seen The Butcher | Beauty School | Hole in the Earth | Kimdracula | Change (In the House of Flies) | Passenger | Back To School (Mini Maggit) | Encore: No Ordinary Love | Root | 7 Words

Source – Setlist.fm

Starting off the set with Birthmark, Chino had the crowd pumping their fist into the air, head banging into empty spaces or lack of causing every to  jump around into each other. Deftones is in the house and for those that couldn’t make it; I really feel sorry.

Chino Moreno did not only sing his heart or in this case scream it out but he was going around the stage head banging to the beats. He definitely was schooling us Malaysian’s, the proper way to rock and head bang. I’m surprised his head was still attached after that display. This was his way of getting the crowd pumped and constantly on their feet song after song, after song.

I wasn’t a very big heavy metal fan to begin with but after hearing Chino and Deftones perform live I’m starting to understand why they have such a big following, I couldn’t help but soak the enthusiasm and energy of the band and the crowd. Before long, I was in the pit being moved  around by the crowd in any direction it pleases; that was an experience I won’t be forgetting anytime soon. Some of the songs I enjoyed were Diamond Eyes, Sextape, Change (In The House Of Flies), despite My Own Summer being the crowd’s favourite.

Will they ever be coming back for another show ? Well I certainly hope so as watching them perform live was certainly certainly changed my views on what a rock concert is all about. I may not be a biggest fan of Deftones but I definitely had one amazing night out and it was legendary !

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  2. It was lagendary indeed!!! Watching them live in front of my eyes was like one of my biggest dreams came true!!

    Comment by Rodz — February 20, 2011 @ 11:59 pm | Reply

  3. It was a dream come true for many and one thing to scratch off the bucket list.

    Comment by yoga — February 25, 2011 @ 11:35 am | Reply

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