March 8, 2011

Chrome To Phone

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Have you ever wanted to share a link, copy a bunch of text or even copy a phone number on your PC to your Android phone ? One of the way to go about doing so is to email yourself the contents so that you can retrieve it on the phone. Now thanks to the cloud, Google Chrome to Phone application and the Chrome extension this can be done with a click of a button !

This is one of the most overlooked and underutilised feature of Android 2.2 (Froyo). Chrome to Phone is a simple combination of a Chrome extension and Android application that allows you to click one button in your browser, and sync what you were viewing right to your Android phone to be check out at a later time.

Reading something interesting on the PC but need to head off somewhere ? Simply click on the Chrome to Phone button and the link will automatically be sent to your Android device and you can continue reading it when you have the time. No more remembering urls or bookmark syncing.

Here’s how to get it all setup

1. Those using Google Chrome as their desktop browser should go to the download section of the Google Chrome Extension site and download the Google Chrome to Phone Extension

Mozilla Firefox users should go here to download the Send To Phone 0.8 extension.

2. Once your extension/add-on has finished installing, you’ll need to download the Chrome to Phone app to your Android phone.

3. In addition to choosing a Google account to connect to, you’ll be asked whether you want links to launch automatically as they’re sent to your phone from the desktop or manually.




4. Once you’ve installed and set up the Chrome to Phone app on your phone you need to activate the extension on your desktop browser.

Chrome: The Chrome to Phone Extension should appear as an icon at the end of your navigation bar. Every time you want to send a link to your phone, simply click this icon

The first time you do this you’ll be prompted to log in with your Google Account details.

Firefox: Simply right click on any link or image and you’ll see the ‘Send this link/image to Android’ option appear. Do this and then a log in box will appear – enter your Google username and password here.

Send link to phone

Send link to phone

Once you’ve sent the link to the phone you’ll receive a notification. The application even has a history of links shared with the phone. This will definitely help reduce the time required to share data between the PC and the Android phone.






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