March 20, 2011

It’s Cha Cha Chatime

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Bubble Tea, an addiction to most people and with an array of bubble tea shops strewn around town, it’s often difficult to know which ones are really good and worthy of a revisit. Personally, I love having a cup of bubble tea and am constantly on the lookout for a shop in the mall. The variety of flavours and colours keeps me constantly coming back for more as I challenge my taste buds with flavours like peach,lychee, passion fruit,mint, chocolate, grape fruit, mango, yakult; the variety is just practically endless. Of course there’s also the traditional milk tea, which is an all time favourite. Bitting into the ‘bubbles/pearls’ is what the fun is all about in bubble tea.

Chatime Pavilion

Chatime Pavillion

I happened to bump into Chatime in Pavilion as I was making my way to the cinema. It’s located at Lot C4.09.00, Level 4, Pavillion Kuala Lumpur which is at a quiet little corner. Taking a look at their menu left me confused as there were so many types of bubble tea and some I’ve never even heard of before. I just went with one of their recommended drinks; Passion Fruit QQ.

Chatime recommend

Chatime recommend

Top 5 drinks

Top 5 drinks

More choices

More choices

The passion fruit bubble tea I had was good. It tastes different from the ones you get from the smaller stalls, which a majority of them uses power based ingredients. To me the pearls in a bubble tea is what sets it apart from the rest, it has to have that perfect texture; neither too hard or too mushy. Lucky for me Chatime’s pearls passed the test and it was love at first sip. I love how the straws come in a packaging on it’s own, details such as this definitely makes it more enjoyable.

The shop in Pavilion has tables and chairs nearby for you to sit and enjoy your favourite bubble tea with friends, another plus point compared to other shops around town. If you need to get online to post a picture of your favourite bubble tea, there’s Wifi available as well !!

Passion fruit bubble tea

Passion fruit bubble tea

The best part about Chatime is you can customise your drink to how you like it. More pearls, less ice, less/more sugar; it’s all up to you. Now you can have your bubble tea just the way you like it !!

Make it your own

Make it your own

Now I’m hooked and need my cha cha Chatime but I can’t be travelling to Pavillion all the time just for a cup of bubble tea. Thank god Chatime is just opened in a new shop in SSTwo Mall. You’ll have to grab their flyer to get some discounts and it lasts till 13th April. What better way to try/enjoy a cup of bubble tea.

SSTwo Mall

SSTwo Mall

For those around Subang a shop is coming your way soon !!

Coming soon

Coming soon, SS15 Subang

Chatime is a well known beverage franchise in Taiwan with more than 300 outlets around the world. What make Chatime tea stand out is fresh tea leaves are used combined with ice brewage technique to extract the essence and goodness within the tea leaves. In order to achieve the best taste, the most important is to best control the brewing temperature and time. As a professional tea drinks provider, Chatime master all of those factors using most advanced equipment and provide you with pure, smooth and consistent flavour in every cup.

Promotional video

Join their Facebook page and share the bubble tea love.


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