March 24, 2011

Win Movie & Concert Tickets: Justin Bieber Live in KL with Tune Talk!

After much persuasion I’ve finally got my very own .com Please do update your bookmarks to my new blog



Beliebe it or not, Justin Bieber is coming to town !! Yes, if you’ve not heard it by now you’ve probably either been living in a cave or trying very hard to not take notice šŸ˜‰ Well for all you Beliebers out there, here’s a chance for you to score some free tickets to his concert as well as the upcoming movie ‘Never Say Never’. C’mon you know you’ve caught yourself humming or whistling to his tune once in a while, I know I have. If you don’t want to pay for tickets here’s the perfect chance, plus I’m sure you’ll have many girls dying to go with you. See win/win situation. Ladies, join the contest and bug your man to join as well so you’ll have double your chance to win tickets !!

The best part of this contest is you don’t need to be a blogger to win !! Yes that’s right, all you have to do is take a picture of yourself and and overlay a TuneTalk Twibbon (picture overlay) on your Facebook or Twitter profile and get all your friends to ‘LIKE’ the photo. If you are more adventurers or want to get better tickets to watch the Bieber closer you can do your best dance or singingĀ impersonation and get your friends to ‘LIKE’ it. The top 5 ‘LIKED’ will get Ā a pair of tickets !! It’s that simple, no fancy words involved.



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