March 24, 2011

Interesting facts about the Google Nexus S

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The Google Nexus S was recently launched in Malaysia last weekend. I had a chance to play around with it and here’s some interesting observation on Google’s latest Nexus.

Countour Display


Contour display

Contour display

The “Countour display”, Google and Samsung claims that the Nexus S is the first device to offer such a display, looking at all the other flat touchscreen displays out there currently this really made the Nexus S special. Holding  against your cheeks feel really natural as the curvature of the glass hugs the curvature of the cheeks. With a contoured screen, coupled with a ridge on the back of the phone makes it easy and comfortable to type with. I was intrigued with this little technological marvel and decided to dig deeper.

Nexus S teardown

Nexus S teardown



March 9, 2011

Google Instant Previews now on mobile

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Mention the word Google and mobile and the first thing that comes to mind will be Android, but this time around the search giant has been really busy improving their web apps, especially the search. Back in November, Google launched Google Instant for mobile devices and now they are back with another new feature; Instant Previews.

You can now start using Google Instant previews, it’s available on mobile for Android (2.2+) and iOS (4.0+). It has the same functionalities as the desktop version allowing you to visually compare search results from webpage snapshots, giving you an idea of the content of the webpage before actually clicking it.

For example, if you’re looking for a webpage that has both photos and descriptions, you can use Instant Previews to quickly identify these pages by navigating across the visual search results with a few swipes of your finger. Or perhaps you’re looking for an article, a step-by-step instructions list, or a product comparison chart—with Instant Previews, you can easily spot pages with the right content without having to navigate back and forth between websites and search results. And when the mobile version of a website is available, it’ll show you a preview of the mobile page.


July 16, 2010

Google D3vF3st – Updated

What a hectic week it has been. First it was Open Web Asia on Tuesday and Wednesday and today am in TPM (Technology Park Malaysia) for Google D3vF3st.

The session started in the morning with Christine Songco (@tine) and Nazrul Kamaruddin (@nazroll) being our emcees for the day.

@tine and @nazroll up on stage

@tine and @nazroll up on stage

First up was Daniels Lee presenting about Google Maps and it’s API’s. He did a short demo on how to create a map with markers, how to add a venue and even get the current position. Here’s a brief summary of what was covered by Daniels.

  • Map Controls (Default UI, Position Custom Controls, etc)
  • Overlays (Markers, Icon, Polylines, Ploygons, Custom Overlays, etc)
  • Map Events (MVC properties with event handlers, UI events, etc)
  • Map Services (Directions, Elevation, Geocoding, Street View, etc)

Apart from briefly explaining the new features of Google Maps API V3, Daniels also shared an app developed by him called Where is Coffee. It’s a simple app that allows users to add location of interesting food venues on the map which has custom markers. The source code for the app is available here

July 2, 2010

How Google works

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Have you ever wondered how Google search works ? Well now you can see what happens in the background when you click that search button

How Google Works

How Google Works

May 20, 2010

MoDaCo-ing the HTC Tattoo

I finally gave in to my curiosity and decided to run a custom ROM my HTC Tattoo plus the phone is running low on memory and I constantly get notifications and it bugs the living daylights out of me. Plus the phone seems to be lagging quite a bit recently especially when I’m typing text messages or emails. Believe it or not I have to wait for the device to catch up with my typing, it’s not like I type super fast, it’s just the Tattoo is already overloaded thanks to my need to try out the many available software out on the Market. Oh yes you can now get Market on the Tattoo by rooting the phone, no custom rom needed just root and voila thousands of apps at your fingertips. I’ve listed out some important resources needed to root the Tattoo here.

After doing some research I decided to run Modaco on my Tattoo. Modaco seems to be the most stable release and has a very active forum for support when things get messy. You can get the files off their forum. I got the file with the default additions which comes with Spare Parts, Titanium Backup, WaveSecure, WiFi Status Indicator, Dropbear.

Installation was a breeze. All you have to do is follow these instructions

To install the ROM:

  • Ensure you have a custom recovery image installed (see ‘requirements’ above)
  • Download the zip file of your choice from the links below (or the online kitchen) and copy to your SD card
  • Restart your device in recovery mode (power on with the volume down button held and select ‘Recovery’)
  • Select the option to apply an update zip, and select the zip file you copied to your memory card
Modaco succesfully installed

Modaco succesfully installed

 After a reboot and you’re done. The reboot can take quite a while though and at first I got a little worried because the phone never took that long to reboot. After the reboot I was presented my home screen with the HTC Sense UI still intact, was afraid I might lose it during the upgrade. A quick check on the About screen confirms that Modaco rom is installed onto the device.

Now to test drive the new rom. I had some text messages that came it when the phone was rebooting so I decided to reply them first. Opened the Messages app and I clicked on the text area and waited for the keyboard to appear and after a few attempts nothing. The keyboard somehow vanished from the phone. I started panicking and since I was out of the home there’s no way I can even get on Google to look for a solution. I was stuck and the only solution I could think of was to restore my NANDROID backup and boy thank god it was easy as clicking a few buttons. Within minutes I was back on my original ram sending texts and surfing the internet.

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