March 27, 2011

The Whitest Boy Alive in Kuala Lumpur

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Have never heard of The Whitest Boy Alive ? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. I had many friends who were asking who was this whitest boy alive and is he anything like that white boy in Powder; which is a 90’s movie for those of you who don’t know. Once I mentioned that it’s one half of Kings of Convenience; who brought the house down during their very first Kuala Lumpur show last year, only then did some of them go “Ahhhhhhh”.

The Whitest Boy Alive

The Whitest Boy Alive

The Whitest Boy Alive (TWBA) is three-fourths German and one-fourth Norwegian. Erlend Øye, the Norse quarter this musical pie, is better known as half of indie band duo Kings of Convenience (KOC). This time he sings again, yielding electric guitars and dancier tunes thanks to his mates from Deutschland: Marcin Öz on bass, Sebastian Maschat on drums and Daniel Nentwig on keyboards. What started off as a side project during a Berlin stint back in 2003 has evolved, now they tour the world showcasing their unique music style. TWBA is a little bit pop, a little bit rock, a little bit disco, but completely bound to get you feeling good and busting out those moves on the floor.



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