March 20, 2011

It’s Cha Cha Chatime

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After much persuasion I’ve finally got my very own .com Please do update your bookmarks to my new blog



Bubble Tea, an addiction to most people and with an array of bubble tea shops strewn around town, it’s often difficult to know which ones are really good and worthy of a revisit. Personally, I love having a cup of bubble tea and am constantly on the lookout for a shop in the mall. The variety of flavours and colours keeps me constantly coming back for more as I challenge my taste buds with flavours like peach,lychee, passion fruit,mint, chocolate, grape fruit, mango, yakult; the variety is just practically endless. Of course there’s also the traditional milk tea, which is an all time favourite. Bitting into the ‘bubbles/pearls’ is what the fun is all about in bubble tea.

Chatime Pavilion

Chatime Pavillion



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